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December 01, 2012

Photo Stand = iPad Stand

As you know, I love my gadgets and all the accessories that go with them. As the 'Top 10 Geek Gifts' lists go around the blogosphere, I once again see iPad stands listed. Mind you, I do own one from Merkury Innovations and I have enjoyed using it. But then I thought if I'm going to try to go back to a New Year's Resolution of 'Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle', maybe there are alternatives out there. Well, that's not exactly how it went down. Truth be told I woke up this morning and I had a 'AHA!' moment (seriously! This happens quite frequently) and realized that those photo frame stands you can purchase in any local craft store would work just as well. Oh, and the ones I purchased for school actually came from a local dollar store.


I've got a bunch of those stands at school (they work great for desktop anchor charts, etc.), but having an item at school just wouldn't do the trick if I want to write a blog post now. Then I realized I had one on our kitchen counter and went and grabbed it. As you can see from the images it does the trick quite well.

How do you prop up your iPad?

April 10, 2011

iPad Screenshots - Screen #3

(DUH! TOTALLY forgot to hyperlink the apps the last time around! It's like sending off an email saying, 'please look at the attached....' only to realize after you've sent it that you've forgotten the attachment!) Updated 4 hours later.

Since visual literacy is a passion of mine, it would only be natural that my image apps would be on a screen near the beginning.  What you see is what I currently have, I'm trying to figure out a way to organize my ever growing apps into meaningful and manageable folders.  Perhaps you can offer a suggestion or two in the Comments area.  Thanks.

Rather than go into too much detail of each app and provide my images, I think I'll just give the overview as I have in the prior two iPad screenshot posts and devote a separate post to each of the apps.

Strip Design - Think of it as a 'type' of Comic Life, or an iOS app that would like to be like Comic Life.  I can choose between seven different themes and within each of the themes I can choose a variety of layouts which will accommodate up to four photos. I can change the color of the backgrounds and the borders. Let's just say, Comic Life it ain't.

Comic Strip - Right off the bat, I'm annoyed that I can only create in landscape view.  That said, this is another Comic Life wanna-be.  You are limited to seven layouts, you can add some captions (either in the form of speech/thought bubbles or some 'POW!' and 'ZOOM' type stickers. (And I have yet to figure out how to make my speech bubbles larger so if anyone knows, please let me know in the Comments area below. Thanks.) Once you've created your masterpiece you can share out to Twitter, Facebook, or save to your Library.

TouchFX - Select a photo from your Library, apply an effect (choice of 16), select your brush size draw on your image and save/share.  That's it.  Here's the thing. Once you click on an effect you'll notice that NOTHING happens to your image.  That's because you have to 'draw' on the image to apply the effect (I imagine that's the reason the name of the app is called 'Touch'.) So you could conceivably choose each of the 16 effects and apply them to your image -- though from an aesthetic point you might NOT want to share out one of those images.  Just saying..... Oh, but here's a cool thing. Your effects are actually individual layers.  So you can 'draw' an area to make it black and white, then choose the 'sharpen' effect and apply it OVER the black and white area.  The combinations are endless.  (I'm actually looking forward to writing up a more detailed post on this app.)

Photo FX Ultra - Warning: Before opening this app please make certain that you have three or four hours free.  Trust me on this one...I started this paragraph two hours ago, I opened up the app........and well.........and that was just for an 'overview'!  Lots of editing features and some great effects (if I had to guess, there must be about 3,516 effects -- just kidding, but it sure feels like it!). You can even 'straighten' an image by drawing a line along an edge.  How cool is that? Especially for those times when you were leaning out the car window trying to get the shot of the deer and turkey in the field all the while driving down a highway? (Don't ask.....)

PhotoPad - Basic editing tools, some adjustments, and eight filters (think 'effect'). Nothing special EXCEPT! You can crate a ZAGGskin from your creation. Here's my thought -- create in a more powerful image editing program, save to your Library, open this app, make minor adjustments (if needed) then create your ZAGGskin from there.

OutColor - I need to spend more time with this one. I'm not sure I quite grasped its purpose. I am able to create a frame around a portion of my image, change the dimensions of that frame, the color, etc. but at the end of the day, I'm still not quite sure what I have accomplished.  Perhaps you have had better luck and if so, I'd love for you to leave me a Comment. Thanks.

Artists Touch - Take one of you images and apply any number of 'artist's' touches to it. Change the background and color of your paper 'canvas'. Then choose any number of brushes, pens, pastels, etc. as well as colors. Under the wrench settings there is a tutorial which I should probably read before I continue exploring! LOL

ComboArt - It's basically an 'apply a color filter to your image' app. And there's nothing wrong with an app that just does that. And since it provides you with the filter colors (no tweaking of settings on your own) you're a little limited with the results. I do like however how there is an in-app tutorial that goes along with it. I wish more apps would have that built in. I really don't like to have to go on the web to locate the tutorials, it's really a basic Marketing 101 strategy - once you have the client, DON'T let them leave. Keep tutorials in-app or I'm liable to go elsewhere.  Now where was I?

Masque - Oh dear....I should have run in the opposite direction when I read this app's title. I don't know about you, but I break out into a cold sweat whenever I have to deal with layers. I mean, I understand the concept and all, but I still have an aversion to them. And Masque, well, it's a layers type of app. Unfortunately, their tutorial is a little confusing (at least to me) and I have yet to explore the full potential of this app. I do notice that you can apply effects to only parts of the image and then add another layer and repeat the process albeit with another color or effect. Whatever....

PixelMagic - Nice basic editing app. What I like about this app is that there is a built-in frame creator so once I've done my 'magic' I can frame my work and besides the typical sharing locations, I can also upload to (WOOHOO!!!)

ColorSplash - This app was built for me! Upon opening it for the first time you are faced with a video tutorial which claims to have you 'up and running in no time'. These are developers who obviously heard about me and decided to take matters into their own hands. This is one of the many apps out there that converts your image to black and white and allows you to 'draw' the color back into various elements of your composition. Simple and well done.

Photogene - Here's another app that you can spend hours with. Aside from the basic editing features, there is the ability to add reflections (an effect I enjoy using) and again an app with a built-in frame feature -- nice! I particularly like the fact that there are a number of exporting features including not only Flickr, but also Dropbox.

Retouch - Limited choices of edits, HOWEVER it does include a 'cloning' feature which I not yet found in another photo app.

Diptic - Think different layouts for two photos with barely basic effects.  Yup, that's it.

PhotoPal - ARGH!!! Another 'landscape only' app. The buttons within the app have a very 'cartoon-like' or 'pop art' look to them which gives me the impression that I'm working within an app meant for the under 10 crowd. There are a fair number of editing abilities. One thing I would like to see is the ability to layer the various effects. Again, an app with a built-in framer (and you know how much I LOVE built-in framers!).

PhotoForge - Just lost another couple of hours with this app! Before you jump in an play, I would strongly encourage you to check out the in-app (WOOHOO!!!) tutorial. It's short, sweet and to the point, but more importantly it will let you know what each of the icons mean (and since we have yet to develop a universal language of icons in image editing, this is a VERY helpful thing!). I loved the ability to zoom in on a part of my image and then apply some of the effects, such as sharpening, to see at what point it becomes too pixelated.

Moxier Collage - TOO FUN!  Think of this app as a corkboard and you 'pin' a number of your images to it. You can add text, change the background of the 'cork', and share it out via the typical means (Twitter, Facebook, email).

Flickr Studio - This is my 'go to' Flickr app. You sign into your account and you have access to your stream, sets, collections, groups (alphabetized! WOOHOO!!!), tags, favorites, and search.  In the 'settings' you can set this app to 'read-only' or 'read/write' access to your Flickr account.  I tend to set things to 'read-only', if I need to make changes, I switch to 'read/write', make my changes, then switch back to 'read only'.

FlickStackr - This was my first Flickr type app and it is very basic in terms of the UI. I need to take a closer look at the similarities and differences between this app and Flickr Studio to see if I REALLY need both. If you have any input about this, please share out in the Comments section. Thanks.

PhotoFactory - Another one I can't quite figure out what it's purpose is. There is the ability to 'transform' and 'frame' and within each you can click the '+' or '-' to increase or decrease its effect. Another one I'm going to need to spend a little more time exploring.

And that's it for Screen #3!

Think about joining the Flickr group: iDevice Screenshots in Education at

March 27, 2011

iPad Screenshots - Home Screen

Saved Photos-79

One of the first things I do when friends purchase a new iPad is to share all of my screens with them.  I think it's helpful to have a visual as to how others set up their apps and it's always interesting to see what others have downloaded.  I emailed my current screenshots to @imcguy who has diligently pursued acquiring his first iPad (you can read about his adventure here).  As I was uploading the last of my screenshots it occurred to me that others might be interested in sharing out, so I headed over to and created a new group - iDevice Screenshots in Education.  I hope you'll consider adding your screens to the group.  If you do join the group, please tag your image with #ipadscreen.  Thanks.

Above you'll see the image of my home screen.  I'll give a brief blurb as to why I own this app, if you want more in-depth reviews I would suggest you check out I Education App Reviews (I mean, that's where I get LOTS of ideas!) Here's my rationale for what I have on this screen:
*Notes - Not sure why it's on my home screen since I rarely (actually, never) use it as I have an entire page devoted to Notebook style apps.  I think that when I'm crunched for real estate I'll be moving this app to my last page.
*Settings and App Store - The App Store I used CONSTANTLY!!!  So that's a no-brainer on my home screen.  My wish list for the App Store?  The ability to be able to easily mark apps that I would 'like/want' to own.  (Hence the reason for the 'AppShopper' app at the bottom of the screen.)  And Settings?  Again, not sure, I don't really access this on a regular basis -- this is another one that will be moved to the last screen when I need the real estate.
*Weather Folder - Has my three weather apps - Accuweather, WeatherBug, and TWC Max+.  I need these apps at the ready in the winter.  I'm the 'go to' person at school regarding the possibilities of any Snow Days.  In fact, I've called the Snow Days even before the District has.  I'm hoping to be able to move this folder to the last screen within the next month.  (As it is, we've lost four of our days of our Spring Vacation.)
*Early Edition, ABC News, NPR, CBS News, USA Today, CNN, NYTimes, Int Herald Trib - these are all my news apps.  The one I use in my classroom is the USA Today app (check out the 'News Snapshots' -- it's a GREAT inspiration if you have your students respond to graphs on a regular basis.  Not only do I have my students respond to the question of the day, but then we compare our class results with the results posted online.  And since one of my new loves is Infographics, this is a wonderful way to introduce it to elementary students.)
*PBS and The Onion - if I have time I'll look through these in the evening.
*The Guardian's Eyewitness - Each day a powerful image is posted.  Some I've used in my classroom as a writing prompt (you can Favorite an image to use at a later time).  Besides a brief blurb about what you are looking at, there is also a 'Pro Tip' in which the photographer shares how they captured the image (in the form of settings and/or what they had to do to get the shot).
*Gpanion - My Google apps at my fingertip (literally!)
*The Funnies (for some bizarre reason it appears as though this app has been pulled from the App Store) - After a long day,  I like to enjoy a chuckle or two.  The Funnies allows me to do that.  You choose the comics you want in your library and which will open upon tapping the app.  You can also share out via email, Twitter, Facebook, and save to your Photo Gallery.)  If you're interested, I have the following comics in my Library: Cathy, Graphjam, Joy of Tech, Real Life Adventures, Reality Check, That's Life, Doonesbury (for my DH), Dilbert (also for my DH), 9 to 5, Reynolds Unwrapped, Gene's Journal, Freshly Squeezed, and Compu-Toon.
*Macworld - not sure I'll be keeping this one since I subscribe to its feed in my Google Reader (I don't need redundancy)
*EduTecher - I discover new educational websites with this app.  If you're an educator, I would definitely check this out.  ('s *FREE*)
*AppShopper - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  Since the App Store doesn't yet have the ability to add apps to a 'wish list', I use AppShopper which does  Not only do I list all the apps I own (iTouch and iPad), but I also add apps that I want.  Anytime there is an update or change in price for any of the apps (owned or wanted), I receive an email.  So if a 'wanted' app suddenly drops to $0.99 or better yet, FREE, I'll be sure to download it that evening.  I couldn't live without my AppShopper app.

The Dock:
*Safari - default browser and since I've set it up with a number of bookmarklets I'll continue to use Safari
*Atomic Web - one of the first non-Safari browsers available for the iPad and one of the first that had the tab feature
*Side by Side - suh-weet!  This app splits you screen in two with a browser on each side.  Invaluable when writing blogposts.
*Photos - remember, Visual Literacy is one of my passions so I need quick access to my Photo Gallery regardless of the screen I'm on
*iPod - I don't have any music on my iPad (gasp!!!), but I do have lots of podcasts.  I love using my iPad for viewing video podcasts.
*Twittelator - I've tried them (most of them) and frankly this is my favorite Twitter app.  I have it loaded on my iTouch as well.

So what's on your home screen?  And I hope you'll consider uploading an image to the Flickr group.