February 27, 2008

BEST Accessory -- EVER!!!

If you're like me you throw all your cables, usb wires, power cords, etc. into a box so that it looks something like this: (yup, that's my melange!)

My wires and cables

If you're a little more like me, then you might actually label each of these cords with a folder label so you can discern which cord goes with which of your 'techy-toys'. If you get ambitious (which I occasionally do), you might even go so far as to throw all the documentation, CDs, and cables/accesories for a particular 'techy-toy' into its own ziploc bag. After wasting precious minutes trying to not only find the right cable/usb wire/powercord/etc. and then trying to untangle the mess I decided ENOUGH!!!

As I was browsing one of the craft stores in the area I meandered down the knitting and needlepoint aisle (not a clue why I did this) and I ran across a 'Crafter's Tote' manufactured by Allary.

crafters tote

The image does not do the item justice. It's basically 12" x 15", has one outside velcro closure pocket on one side and a full zippered pocket on the other side, the main compartment has see-thru zippered compartments - one full sized on one side, four medium sized on the other side, then it has two additional 'pages' that are velcroed (and therefore removable) -- one 'page' has a total of twelve compartments (ideal for my iTouch syncing cable), the other 'page' has a total of 6 horizontal compartments. And all of this for UNDER $20!!!

So what are you waiting for? Get in your car and head down to your local craft shop.