September 28, 2008

THE Best Teeny, Tiny Gadget

I spnd a lot of time driving back and forth to work. I have a 2 hour daily commute. Since I'm pretty much on auto-pilot (early a.m., country highways, NO traffic) I listen to NPR and let my mind wander. I find that in the a.m. hour my mind overflows with 'oh my god, I forgot to call...' or 'I better remember to do....' or, more importantly, 'this is the idea that will...' In any event, I hate pulling over to jot down my thoughts, I have yet to figure out how to drive and write, 2 minutes after I've had my 'brainstorm' I promptly forget it (what? you too?). To solve my problem and save my sanity, I purchased a digital voice recorder. The BEST $30 spent! I flip the switch, press 'REC' and my pearls of wisdom are permanently stored waiting to be retrieved at a more convenient time. I purchased my Olympus VN-120 [meaning I've got 120 minutes of recording time] at a nearby 'superstore'. It's only about 2 inches long and weighs less than my lipstick. This thing goes with me everywhere -- I even managed to place it in those ungodly teeny, tiny handbags women reserve for attending weddings and other festive occasions (and for good reason too!). In fact, I like it soooo much that I went and purchased the Olympus WS-100 (I mean if one is good, then two has to be better, right? At least that's the logic I use with my husband when purchased toys LOL) which I leave at school.

Now if I could ONLY remember to retrieve those messages I'd have it made, purchased the winning lotto ticket, designed my new entertainment console, written a staff development book, and discovered the next American Idol. Well, you get the idea!