June 14, 2009

Like I Need Another Application

Here’s a piece of advice:  Never, EVER come home late after a wonderful evening of entertainment with friends pick up the latest computer magazine on the counter, flip through it, and decide you just HAD to try and download a new application!  Before you know it, one thing leads to another, the download works, then you’re intrigued by the various plug-ins so of course you have to try those as well, and before you know it, well, it’s the NEXT day! LOL

Bare with me as I try out Windows Live Writer (yeah, that’s hyperlinked, not only to check out the hyperlinking feature, but so you can get ‘sucked’ in as well – misery loves company!) which is a *FREE* download from Microsoft. 

So looking at my options along the left:


Picture…..coming up

Summer Twitter

For those who don’t recognize me, that’s my ‘Summer Do’ for Twitter.


Photo album…..hmmmmmm

Photo album….oh YEAH…waaaaay cOOl and CHECK


Eeny Meeny
Miny Mo


(Note:  This is where I would love to travel to next.  Hmmm…just noticed that this map is ‘powered’ b Bing, interesing…)

Map picture

Tags…those of you who know me know that tagging is my greatest weakness.  Wish there were a plug-in that would automatically tag my posts.  And CHECK

Technorati Tags: ,

Video…sorry, I’ll have to pass on inserting this for now.  I just ran across an article (from the same computer magazine that was on the kitchen counter that shows how to create an interactive YouTube video – yeah, cool, huh?)

Add a plug-in….oh, oh…I can serious damage being caused here!  There are currently 123 plug-ins I can choose from!

Anyways….’Live’ from ‘Windows Live Writer’.  Wishing all of you a ‘lost in a new app’ day!