August 07, 2009

I Tried Not To...Really I Did!

Spy Hill Landfill - 5

This is your one and only warning:
If you're not in the mood for a rant, then please 'Ctrl-T' elsewhere.

Can't really say whose blog I saw it on first. I remember, going, 'Hmmmmmm, that's an interesting use of a blog post.' I saw the phenomena catching on quickly. Then I saw it becoming like an infectious disease -- spreading by sheer contact, multiplying rapidly, growing out of control, with no 'cure' in sight. 'What is it that she's talking about?' you may be asking yourself? What?!? You haven't noticed? Blog posts that are nothing but 'link dumps'. Everything and anything the blogger has saved to their[you fill in the blank] social bookmarking website for the day. I understand that there is the word 'social' in social bookmarking. Truly, I do. However, I don't think dumping links into a blog was what was originally intended.

Posts with a hyperlinked url and a quick review are nice, but I want examples of educational uses. Is it really too much to ask?

What are your thoughts?