March 27, 2011

iPad Screenshots - Home Screen

Saved Photos-79

One of the first things I do when friends purchase a new iPad is to share all of my screens with them.  I think it's helpful to have a visual as to how others set up their apps and it's always interesting to see what others have downloaded.  I emailed my current screenshots to @imcguy who has diligently pursued acquiring his first iPad (you can read about his adventure here).  As I was uploading the last of my screenshots it occurred to me that others might be interested in sharing out, so I headed over to and created a new group - iDevice Screenshots in Education.  I hope you'll consider adding your screens to the group.  If you do join the group, please tag your image with #ipadscreen.  Thanks.

Above you'll see the image of my home screen.  I'll give a brief blurb as to why I own this app, if you want more in-depth reviews I would suggest you check out I Education App Reviews (I mean, that's where I get LOTS of ideas!) Here's my rationale for what I have on this screen:
*Notes - Not sure why it's on my home screen since I rarely (actually, never) use it as I have an entire page devoted to Notebook style apps.  I think that when I'm crunched for real estate I'll be moving this app to my last page.
*Settings and App Store - The App Store I used CONSTANTLY!!!  So that's a no-brainer on my home screen.  My wish list for the App Store?  The ability to be able to easily mark apps that I would 'like/want' to own.  (Hence the reason for the 'AppShopper' app at the bottom of the screen.)  And Settings?  Again, not sure, I don't really access this on a regular basis -- this is another one that will be moved to the last screen when I need the real estate.
*Weather Folder - Has my three weather apps - Accuweather, WeatherBug, and TWC Max+.  I need these apps at the ready in the winter.  I'm the 'go to' person at school regarding the possibilities of any Snow Days.  In fact, I've called the Snow Days even before the District has.  I'm hoping to be able to move this folder to the last screen within the next month.  (As it is, we've lost four of our days of our Spring Vacation.)
*Early Edition, ABC News, NPR, CBS News, USA Today, CNN, NYTimes, Int Herald Trib - these are all my news apps.  The one I use in my classroom is the USA Today app (check out the 'News Snapshots' -- it's a GREAT inspiration if you have your students respond to graphs on a regular basis.  Not only do I have my students respond to the question of the day, but then we compare our class results with the results posted online.  And since one of my new loves is Infographics, this is a wonderful way to introduce it to elementary students.)
*PBS and The Onion - if I have time I'll look through these in the evening.
*The Guardian's Eyewitness - Each day a powerful image is posted.  Some I've used in my classroom as a writing prompt (you can Favorite an image to use at a later time).  Besides a brief blurb about what you are looking at, there is also a 'Pro Tip' in which the photographer shares how they captured the image (in the form of settings and/or what they had to do to get the shot).
*Gpanion - My Google apps at my fingertip (literally!)
*The Funnies (for some bizarre reason it appears as though this app has been pulled from the App Store) - After a long day,  I like to enjoy a chuckle or two.  The Funnies allows me to do that.  You choose the comics you want in your library and which will open upon tapping the app.  You can also share out via email, Twitter, Facebook, and save to your Photo Gallery.)  If you're interested, I have the following comics in my Library: Cathy, Graphjam, Joy of Tech, Real Life Adventures, Reality Check, That's Life, Doonesbury (for my DH), Dilbert (also for my DH), 9 to 5, Reynolds Unwrapped, Gene's Journal, Freshly Squeezed, and Compu-Toon.
*Macworld - not sure I'll be keeping this one since I subscribe to its feed in my Google Reader (I don't need redundancy)
*EduTecher - I discover new educational websites with this app.  If you're an educator, I would definitely check this out.  ('s *FREE*)
*AppShopper - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  Since the App Store doesn't yet have the ability to add apps to a 'wish list', I use AppShopper which does  Not only do I list all the apps I own (iTouch and iPad), but I also add apps that I want.  Anytime there is an update or change in price for any of the apps (owned or wanted), I receive an email.  So if a 'wanted' app suddenly drops to $0.99 or better yet, FREE, I'll be sure to download it that evening.  I couldn't live without my AppShopper app.

The Dock:
*Safari - default browser and since I've set it up with a number of bookmarklets I'll continue to use Safari
*Atomic Web - one of the first non-Safari browsers available for the iPad and one of the first that had the tab feature
*Side by Side - suh-weet!  This app splits you screen in two with a browser on each side.  Invaluable when writing blogposts.
*Photos - remember, Visual Literacy is one of my passions so I need quick access to my Photo Gallery regardless of the screen I'm on
*iPod - I don't have any music on my iPad (gasp!!!), but I do have lots of podcasts.  I love using my iPad for viewing video podcasts.
*Twittelator - I've tried them (most of them) and frankly this is my favorite Twitter app.  I have it loaded on my iTouch as well.

So what's on your home screen?  And I hope you'll consider uploading an image to the Flickr group.