April 10, 2011

Diigo Dumping

OK, before you read any further I want you to go into your Diigo (or whatever social bookmarking application you use) and tell me the number of items you have bookmarked.  Go ahead, I'll wait...

Now let me ask you this? How often do you actually go back and use those websites? Now I'm not talking about the ones that you use on a regular basis (in fact, you probably have those urls memorized -- as do I), no, I'm talking about those posts, articles, etc. that you bookmarked that will help you do x, y, and z should the a, b, or c situation arise and Mr., Mrs. or Ms. is not available to answer your question. Yeah, THOSE bookmarks!

If you're like me, when the aforementioned occurrences happen, I tend to either use Google to find my answer or I reach out to my PLN on Twitter.  So what exactly will happen to all of those bookmarked pages? They'll collect 'digital dust'.  And then the day arrives when I'm feeling particularly ambitious and decide to just dive into Diigo and hit 'delete'.  What about you?


Anonymous said...

For me, bookmarks are for sites like Google Scholar, wordreference.com, and an online scientific calculator. I use Evernote for articles, blog posts etc. that I find & want to read later. Less "digital dust" this way!