April 03, 2011

iPad Screenshots - Screen #2

My eReader folder - contains my iBook, Kindle (love the syncing to my Kindle), and the Nook (actually I don't think I've downloaded any books to that app yet, I just want to make sure that if I find a book I want I have all my eReaders ready to go). Did you know that even though the Kindle device displays contents in shades of gray, the app on the iPad displays the books in color (isn't that awesome!).

My Zen Break folder - Osmos HD, Koi Pond, Flowpaper, and Kaleidoscope. These are my go-to apps when I need a mental break. Osmos HD is like a stellar lava lamp type of app. Koi Pond is relaxing as I drag my finger across the screen scattering the fish. If I leave my finger stationary the koi eventually return and 'nibble' my finger. The soothing background music and the ability to change the flora and fish is just a bonus to this very soothing app. Flowpaper lets me leisurely drag my finger around the screen and instead of a single line, there are multiple multiple-colored lines following my finger's path. I can upload my creations to my camera roll or email it out. Kaleidoscope reminds me of the hours I spent peering through the wood carved kaleidoscopes of my (not so distant) youth. Upload an image from your camera roll or choose a preset pattern. The only thing missing is some New Age music playing in the background.

Instapaper - One of my original purchases. I wish I had waited as I have found other apps that I prefer over this one. I just find it a little slow to initially upload my content each time I open it.

Diigo - I have this on every device I own, so it's only natural that I have it on my iPad. I have not used it as frequently as I thought I might have. I tend to use the Diigo bookmarklet in Safari much more.

Feedler Pro - by far the BESTEST (uh, yes! 'bestest' IS a word in MY vocabulary) RSS app! The beauty of Feedler is that I can quickly scan the subject line of the feed. A quick click will add the item to my 'Starred' section which I use as an adhoc 'read it later'. I can also quickly share out via email link, Twitter, etc. the possibilities are endless. Oh, and why go 'Pro' if there is a free version? If I try something out and I like it I strongly believe in supporting the developers (and you should think about it too).

Read It Later - Have it on my computer and love it on my iPad. No brainer!

Flipboard - Now THIS is an app the iPad was built for! At the very beginning there was only a limited amount of content to be downloaded. Now I can choose from a number of sections from different areas - News, Design, Travel, Food to name but a few. Although Twitter is available and I haven't added it to my Content as I have found reading Tweets in magazine, inline format was too distracting. I have discovered new content such as Smitten (food) and Yay!Everday.

Popplet - OK here's another one that's going to find it's way to my last screen soon. It was one of those things discussed on Twitter for 24 hours (or less) and I had a need to be an 'early adopter' when I should have been a 'let's wait and see'. Live and learn.

IMDb - Confession: I'm horrible at remembering names (of anything or anyone). While trying to remember names of movies or actors if I get the amount of words in a title correct or the first letters of the words matched up I consider myself on target! iMDb to the rescue! And it's great at Trivial Pursuit!

Corkulous - My first 'corkboard/post-it' app and I love it. Simple. Includes an ingenious file cabinet drawer with a variety of 'elements' from check offs to to-do lists to pics. And I can create any number of corkboards for the different projects I'm working on.

GoodReader - contains most of my manuals for all the tech toys I carry around with me. Has proven to be a life saver when trying to figure out some settings on one of my digital cameras. This is one you should consider getting.

Google - heh! Who put that there? Moving to a back screen.

Office2 HD - I've used this to help some friends transfer their MS Word documents over. It's proven quite handy if you still have one foot in the PC world.

BlogPress - Have a Blogger account? Then this is the app for you. In fact, I'm using it right now as I pen this post. The one limit I have found for me is that my post won't contain my 'Digital Diva' signature. (So I had to quickly go over to my laptop version.) Guess that's a small price to pay. (But if you know a workaround would you please be kind enough to let me know in the comments section below? Thanks.)

Pencasts - If you own a Livescribe pen (of course I do! Being the Geek Girl that I am) then this app is invaluable.

Duet Browser - If one browser is good then two browsers on one screen should be better, right? My verdict is still out on that one.

Dropbox - You need to ask? I need to explain? Uh.....don't think so.

Evernote - Ditto.

Dragon Dictation - It was free. I was told to check it out. Not sure how it landed a spot on page 2. I might yet change my mind.

AllRecipes - I need to create a cooking folder. I can search by Course, Ingredient, Method, and Time. Especially love the search by ingredient ability. If I go pro I'll be able to store recipes I like in a recipe box and even print out shopping lists. I might be tempted to go pro IF they had an Android app to go with the shopping lists.

And that's my 'Page 2'. What's on your page?

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