October 07, 2011

Thank You PhotoPeach!

I love slideshow apps! I can quickly upload images from my class and embed them into my class blog sharing the happenings in my class with both my students and their parents.

I also know that I've already spent a small fortune on 'stuff' for my classroom so I'm paying close attention to apps that were once free and have now adopted a 'paid for' model. I understand the reasoning, I'm just having to take a long and hard look at these apps to see if I'm willing to fork over any more of my money.

Last month, PhotoPeach announced a pricing structure for educators. I was psyched when I received the email. That elation quickly dissipated when I saw the proposed cost: a Premium Educator account was going to set me back $30 -- A MONTH!!! WHOA! That was just not going to happen for me. So I quickly located the contact information and wrote the folks at PhotoPeach an email letting them know that at that price point, I wasn't buying the package.

Well, today I received an email back.

This is PhotoPeach Support Team.

Thank you for your inquiry on PhotoPeach last month.

Upon your feedback, we have considered the pricing for the Class Premium Account, and today we decided to apply lower pricing for different class sizes.

New, Lower Pricing:
$ 9 per month for up to 50 students
$25 per month for up to 150 students
Contact us for bulk discounts beyond 150 students.

For comparison, Class Premium accounts originally cost $30 per month for up to 100 students and there weren’t any other options. We realize that educators have tight budgets and we wanted to give you a pricing system that is not only more affordable, but also more flexible to suit your needs.

Now for any price level of Class Premium you get the first month of your subscription free!

Take this opportunity to go and check out Class Premium now:

Thank you again for your feedback.

Hiroyo Kato / hiroyo@photopeach.com
The PhotoPeach Support Team

Now that' a pricing structure I can live with!

Thanks, PhotoPeach for listening to educators.