November 01, 2008

30D2BBB - Day 1 - All About Me

Day 1 of the Challenge:

I actually removed the 'All About' widget in the sidebar when I first created this blog. Didn't feel like I wanted anyone to really know who was writing this blog. But Steve made a great argument for the reasons why there not only should be an 'About Me' section, but why it should hold a prominent position on your blog. Makes sense, but I'm still hesitant. Not quite sure why, but then again I can 'change', 'add' and even 'delete' it if I want so I guess I'll leave it up there for now.

Since I'm a fan of the Happy Bunny line, I thought I'd change the title to 'It IS All About Me!'.
Oops, just went back and reread today's challenge and realized I needed to say something about what this blog is about. Oh, oh...I could easily get carried away with this one. OK, Ed Tech Diva...focus, focus, focus...think 'Twitter'! 140 characters or less.


Chris Wherley said...

Thanks for sharing your About Me page. I was just going to change mine but Edublogs was down, but I typed it up and will post it later.

Mrs.A said...

So why was it I didn't know about this blog before. I've added you to my reader. Look forward to reading your ideas and learning more from you.

Jennifer Carrier Dorman said...

Great About Me info - I love "this IS 'life in perpetual beta'!"

Ed Tech Diva said...

@MrsA - just like I didn't think I should share 'About Me', nor did I feel ready to announce my blog, but w/ Steve's help by November 30th it will be ready for the world! LOL
@Jennifer - Thx, & I truly feel that way -- some days I'll be tech focused, & other days I'll renounce/revise/review my prior posts -- I'm excited to see where this will all lead...
@Chris - might want to consider moving to a Blogger Blog! LOL