November 02, 2008

30D2BBB - Day 2 - Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street

Day 2 and we're already talking about traffic? Steve is challenging us to include a way to gather data from our blog in Day 2 of the Challenge. I trust Steve so I decided to take the plunge (although in all honesty when he started talking about inserting code I started getting cold feet!). I decided to go with Google Analytics (after all as a GCTer & since I host my blog on Blogger it did make the most sense -- at the time). I registered and then got to the page with the code and then some sort of cryptic directions about going to your template page and locating the 'body' (oops, tried to put in those side arrows and forward slashes and I just go a red 'ERROR - Your HTML cannot be accepted' notice across the top of my screen!) tag and that's when I almost decided that this Challenge might be a little out of my league. But I clicked on some help for those with a Blogspot domain, printed out the 9 steps and was on my way. Phew! only question is...SO NOW WHAT? Do I get an e-mail? Do I have to go somewhere to get my data? Anybody have a simple 'how to' for accessing & reading the Google Analytics?

And if this is only Day 2 of the Challenge, WHAT will Steve have us do for Day 3?

Image Source: Flickr bigjay13579


nashworld said...

It sounds like you did something that sounds very very familiar to me. I am terribly comfortable with technology. However, because I didn't grow up with Google, I tend to try to power through any problem I encounter.

When I have my wits about me, I realize that any question a blogger has... has likely been asked a hundred times before. I'm sure that must have been rough on our pioneering peers, but for us it's nice. ;-)


Beth Knittle said...

I too am participating in the challenge. I average 2-3 posts a months. I am hoping this will inspire me to blog more. At the very least if has helped me discover more blogs. Let up hope we can both keep up all 30 days.