January 13, 2009

Is the Web a Soap Opera?

I've had this post in my 'Draft' section for a few weeks. I happened to be reading some blogs today and ran across Will Richardson's post on 'De-Echoing my Reading Practice...Help Wanted' and thought this might be a good time to actually 'publish' this post.

Is the web, with its dramas, tangent plots, marketing hype (by both consumers and content creators), 'easy-come, easy-go', laissez-faire attitude all that different from a daytime soap opera?

I remember being away from daytime soaps for a period of 3 months (that was back in the day when I used to watch daytime soap operas; today, I can barely keep up with the few shows that I DVR), turning on the TV and within two shows I would be back in the midst of things, feeling as though I had lost nothing (nor gained anything) by being away for those three months.

Has the web become like that? A daytime drama (with different sponsors/promoters)? Is it possible to walk away from our networks, only to return to find that the same drama, promotion, and hype is still there? Are we creatures of habit and seek the familiar? Are we content with the status-quo? Are YOU? Am I?

Do our 'digital closets' require a spring cleaning? How do you decide what to get rid of? What to keep, but might discard with the next sweep? What to add to round out your core content?

Image Source: Flickr's jam343