January 13, 2009

Just Another Widget

The Hyplet website allows you to create your very own online signature block in the form of blog-link images or video links or even I.D. cards with the listing of all your usernames so people can contact you (you could add your SL avatar's name!). You can create a variety of Hyplet I.D.s -- Basic IDs, mini IDs, Biz Cards, Blogge's Box, Network IDs, Fun IDs, and Hyplet Flyers -- Blog Flyers (that's what you see at the top and bottom of this post), Comment Flyers, Video Flyers, Music Flyers, Photo Flyers, and more! There's NOTHING to download and registration is free. Try it out and see what you think.


MrMartinsClass said...

Thanks for sharing this, your Divaness!

Ed Tech Diva said...

Ahhh...I LIKE the sound of that....'your Divaness'! I may have just found my new 'handle'! LOL