February 26, 2009

A Conversation with Johanna Riddle

My passion is Visual Literacy. Well, one of my 'many' passions! LOL So when Melanie Holtsman told me about an opportunity which arose involving the author of 'Engaging the Eye Generation' I knew I would do whatever I could to support her.

"Our friends at Stenhouse Publishers have invited the readers of Once Upon a Teacher to participate in a conversation with author, Johanna Riddle about her new book. What an opportunity! Being able to ask Johanna something about her book or just about teaching visual literacy strategies."

So I encourage all of you to not only view the book online -- not as your 'ho-hum' .pdf file format, but in a format that replicates electronically the actual book (complete with page turning!), put to also leave your questions for Johanna on Melanie's blog. Time is of the essence here folks! Melanie's conversation with Johanna will be published on March 13th.


Melanie Holtsman said...

Thanks for helping me spread the word, Nancy. And...for helping me wrap my head around the possibilities. Your support made a world of difference!