January 19, 2009

Weather You Want It or Not! -- Google Calendar

I just discovered this awesome setting on my Google Calendar and since I didn't know about it, I figured there must be some of you out there who didn't know about it either.

Did you know that you can get a four-day forecast on Google Calendar? I didn't either!!!

Go to your G-mail account. Click on 'Calendar' (duh! LOL).

Click on 'Settings' (top right).

In the 'Location' field type in the zip code of the forecast you would like to have displayed.

In the 'Show weather baed on my location', click on the radial button for either Celcius or Fahrenheit.


That's it! Now whenever you check your calendar, you'll have a little icon next to the date showing the forecast!

Geez! That's a puny screenshot! Sorry......


Melanie Holtsman said...

I had no idea. How fun! Thanks,
:) Melanie

Ed Tech Diva said...

Hi Melanie,
Yeah, isn't that COOL! I LOVE when I find little things like that that will enable me to 'tweak' my apps further. It's almost as good as finding the perfect fortune in a fortune cookie! LOL

Vickey I said...

I have been using this forever, well as long as I can remember. however it is not showing today. Anyone know how to fix that? I have all my settings correct, per Google's help, but still nothing. The link to the weather calendar is on the left and supposed to show, but does not.

Vickey I said...

In the weather calendar's details the locations is blank but not open for me to type my location in. My location is set under my general settings. But weather is still not showing up in my calendar.

Ed Tech Diva said...

Hi Vickey,
Hmmmm, that's odd, mine is still working. Did you perhaps change to the new IE? Is it possible that that is what might be causing a problem?