December 25, 2010

Validation of my (NOT) New Year's Resolution

Back in 2008 I read a wonderful post on Christine Kane's blog that continues to validate my (NOT) New Year's resolution (hmmm....does a resolution need 'validating'? Does it make it a stronger resolution if it is 'validated'?). Her blog post discusses that you should reduce your resolution to one word and her post provides a list of words in case you're 'stuck in the proverbial rut'. The best part? You're to ONLY choose ONE word. If you're able to master the word, then go for a 2nd one in June. Now that's a GREAT idea for resolutions!!! Make ONE, and then halfway through the year make a 2nd resolution. Now I think that concept is one that I can follow!

So I'm following Christine's advice. I'm going to begin with 'reduce' (and at last glance at my Diigo bookmarks I'll need AT LEAST until June to master that resolution!). And from there I'll move on to 'reuse'. I am going to 'cheat' a bit as well as I really, really, REALLY want to add a thread of 'create' during 2011.

Yup, 2011 is already looking promising!

So, what word is going to be your 2011 Resolution?