December 25, 2010

Get Out Your Skates!

Nope, not discussing the impeding forecast of snow in the upper echelons of New York, I'm talking about Transmedia's Glide 4.0. Word on the street (or would that be the 'web') has it that it outperforms Google! You got to register to see it and believe it!
From the website:

Glide OS 4.0 is a comprehensive Ad-Free cloud computing solution. Escape from the daily barrage of online floating, pop up, banner and streaming ads and email spam. In addition to providing you with an ad-free alternative, you get more storage, more features and more control over how you share your private information and personal files.

Glide is a free suite of rights-based productivity and collaboration applications with 30GBs of storage. Setup and administer up to six family member accounts including child accounts from your Glide settings panel. Users who want additional storage or would like to add additional users can upgrade to Glide Premium now with 250 GBs for $50.00 a year or 20 cents per GB per year. With a Glide Premium account you can setup and administer up to 25 users. The Glide OS provides automatic file and application compatibility across devices and operating systems. With Glide OS you also get the Glide Sync App which helps you to synchronize your home and work files.
I can't wait to check out the mobile version and upload to my iTouch and now there's even an iPad and mobile phone app! WOOHOO!

If you're already using Glide, please consider leaving a comment. Tell us what you think, how you use it, and what educational application/connection you see.


Anonymous said...

Glide Search is great for doing research because you can easily capture search results directly into editable documents. Also the Glide Write Word Processor is nice!

Math Software For Kids said...

Hmm, very interesting.. Haven't check this one yet but planning to do it anytime. Thanks for the links.