December 30, 2011

The Perfect 365 Project

365 Day 14
Image Source: erg0

Let's face it, my track records for 365 Projects haven't been great. In fact, they've been downright dismal (even when I was the 'Administrator' of a 365 project). Well, I've come upon the PERFECT 365 Project, one I KNOW I will follow through on.

It's the 'One Thing a Day' 365 Project. That's right, I have to do ONE thing a day. Now that's something I think I can follow through on. Of course, there's a catch (there always has to be a catch -- I can't quite seem to leave well enough alone). I will be recording (medium to be determined) that ONE thing. If it is a drawing, I'll take a picture of it; if it's a musical score (that's a hoot! Have you ever heard me even try to whistle a tune?) I'll audio record it; if it's a new dance move I'll video tape it (uh, on second thought that might not be such a great idea), it it's a new dish, I'll photograph the 'plat du jour', add the recipe and upload it to, well, somewhere.

I'm toying with using Tumblr as the repository since it's short & sweet, and can easily accommodate images, text, audio, and video. And I can do a quick post via my smartphone as well.

So are any of you toying with a 365 project for 2012?


stacykasse said...

Love it. Can we subscribe so you can send me your one thing a day???

Ed Tech Diva said...

You sure can! Check it out here: