December 05, 2011

Storage Problem Solved

This might seem trivial in the overall scheme of things, like who will be the keynote at the next major conference or whether #pencilchat really is a game-changer in education, however in my classroom this does make a difference. I'm a big proponent on using games to reinforce math concepts, preferably games that use items that are readily (and cheaply) available. My favorite item is a deck of cards, which can be purchased as a two-for-a-buck deal at a dollar store. My students enjoy the various games played with cards, however, storing has become an issue. You see, the 'two-for-a-buck' cards don't come with a box (yeah, right...I was confused at first as well). I tried the plastic soap boxes, but frankly they have become outrageously expensive AND they don't hold an entire deck (go figure).

I purchased a bunch of those plastic ziploc sleeves from a big-box office supply store, but those 'zippers', well let's just say I'm glad they aren't being used on garments or we would have another 'wardrobe mishap'.

Then BINGO!, standing in line at a craft store, contents spilling from my arms on to the floor I spied a possible solution. A gift card tin! Yup! IT WORKED!!! Not only does it easily hold a deck of cards, but my students are no longer losing cards due to faulty zippers. Don't you just love it when things come together?