December 28, 2012

2013-365 With a Twist!

As one year draws to a close and another begins my RSS reader fills up with 'The Top [fill in a number] of MUST HAVE [fill in an item]' posts. And the other posts that tend to populate my reader is the [next year] 365 Photography posts. Don't get me wrong -- I like a challenge just as much as the next person (granted, I never made it past the month of January, but that's my issue) and I will more than likely participate in and host a few of these myself.  (Shameless plug: Check out the 2013-365 Photo a Day (Education) Community on Google+ and while you're at it, check it out on Flickr as well).

Since we are always sharing out how wonderful our PLNs are I thought we should take this 2013-365 to another level (or perhaps 'playing field' would be a more accurate term). Let's use the power of Twitter to share out ONE tip a day (use the hashtag, #tipaday - yes, I already did a search to make sure the hashtag was neither taken nor inappropriate -- happy to report it doesn't currently exist). Let's see what we can curate. The tip can be tech related, it can be related to housekeeping (I really NEED some of those tips!), it can be trip related, you decide --> you Tweet!


Frugalteacher said...

Great idea!

Kristin Spang said...

Nancy- Great blog! I really enjoyed reading your introduction! This is a great idea! K.Spang